A message from the Chairman

Amount raised so far: £2618

In 2000, Deb's Mum, Nanette, died of Cancer. For her, it was imperative that she be at home when the time came. Without the help and support from LOROS not only for Mum, but the whole family, this would not have happened. The nursing team, pain specialist team and the Occupational Therapy teams at LOROS worked together with Mum to build her strength, manage her pain medication and prepare her for her return home.

The Occupational Therapy team helped install several pieces of equipment at home to make her life easier and more manageable. Without this team, it would have been impossible for her to manage being at home.

The Community Specialist Nurses were, without doubt, the biggest help to Mum as a patient and to us as a family. They made all this possible by referring the family to LOROS in the first place and gave us the encouragement and peace of mind that we were doing the right thing for her.

Whilst for us, Mum's visits to LOROS were purely for pain management, we very quickly became aware of the things that they did not only for the patients, but for their families too. Many family members now volunteer at the hospice and visit patients that have no family or family that live away from the area.

On walking into LOROS you immediately feel the friendliness of the place. It’s the people that work there and the volunteers who give up their free time that provide that atmosphere.

LOROS provides palliative care to the whole of Leicestershire and Rutland. LOROS is a safe haven for lots of people and we should never be without it.

This is why I have chosen to support LOROS this year.

Moz Lester

Leicestershire Centre Caravan and Motorhome Club